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BULGARIA Bulgaria Goldair Handling Bulgaria

Goldair Handling has formed its subsidiary company Goldair Handling Bulgaria, which acquired full handling license for Sofia International Airport in June 2010 and it has been fully functional since November 2010. Also, in October 2011 Goldair Handling Bulgaria acquired full handling license for Burgas International Airport and has been completely functional in Burgas since May 2012.

The company offers the widest range of quality airport services at both Sofia and Burgas airports, such as passenger handling services, ticket sales desk, lost & found, ramp handling services, de/anti-acing flight operations & load control, cargo & mail handling, security services and VIP / Executive aircraft handling services.

CYPRUS Cyprus Goldair Handling Cyprus

Goldair Handling SA acquired the majority shareholding in LGS Handling Ltd.

“Goldair” and “Louis” groups, as partners in the joint venture for over fifteen years, share the same goals, values, and vision. Goldair Handling Cyprus Ltd.’s goal is to fulfill the increasing needs of airlines operating at the two international airports of Cyprus, Larnaca & Paphos, offering reliable, quality ground handling services for passengers, aircrafts, and goods.

Goldair Handling Cyprus Ltd offers an unbeatable package of experience and expertise. Working according to Lufthansa Standards is what establishes Goldair Handling Cyprus Ltd as a reliable and high quality service provider.

Goldair Handling Cyprus Ltd actively works with its airline partners to deliver a ground handling service that is based on their exact requirements and product specifications. It is highly flexible and always willing to adapt its services to customers’ product requirements. The company co-operates closely with its customers in order to evaluate their ground product and ensure that it is both optimized and cost-effective.


Goldair Handling Greece

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Athens International Airport "El.Venizelos"

Athens International Airport "El.Venizelos", Main Terminal 19019 

Station Manager: Mr. Kostas Athanaileas

t +30 210 3531449



Thessaloniki International Airport "Makedonia"

Thessaloniki International Airport "Makedonia" 55103

Station Manager: Mr. Katsirmas Stelios

 t +30 2310 489061


Heraklion Airport "N. Kazantzakis"

Heraklion Airport "N. Kazantzakis" 71306 

Station Manager: Mrs. Evaggelia Simaiaki

t +30 2810 221787


Corfu International Airport "Ioannis Kapodistrias"

Corfu International Airport "Ioannis Kapodistrias" 49100

Station Manager: Mr. George Loukopoulos

t +30 26614 40130


Rhodes International Airport "Diagoras"

Rhodes International Airport "Diagoras" 85101

Station Manager: Mr. Savvas Kleisouris

t +30 22410 81206


Chania International Airport "I.Daskalogiannis"

Chania International Airport "I.Daskalogiannis" 73014

Station Manager: Mrs Alexandra Dimopoulou

t +30 28214 40146


Kos National Airport "Ippokratis"

Kos National Airport "Ippokratis" 85302 

Station Manager: Mr. Andreas Gerandreas

t +30 22424 40130


Zakynthos International Airport

Zakynthos International Airport "D.Solomos" 29100

Station Manager: Mr. Spyros Stamatopoulos

t +30 26954 40067


Santorini (Thira) National Airport

Santorini (Thira) National Airport 84700

Station Manager: Mr. Timos Klavdianos

t +30 22864 40071


Mykonos National Airport

Mykonos National Airport 84600

Station Manager: Mrs. Evaggelia Varelopoulou

t +30 22890 78218


Kefallinia International Airport

Kefallinia International Airport 28100

Station Manager: Mr. Gerasimos Karakostas

t +30 26714 40055


Chios National Airport "Omiros"

Chios National Airport "Omiros" 71306

Station Manager: Mrs. Esther Kosari

t +30 22710 24037


Skiathos National Airport "Papadiamantis"

Skiathos National Airport "Papadiamantis" 37002

Station Manager: Mr. George Christidis

t +30 24274 40071


Kalamata International Airport

Kalamata International Airport 24200

Station Manager: Mrs. Vicky Kapetanikola

t +30 27210 66036


Aktion National Airport

Aktion National Airport 30002

Station Manager: Mrs. Foteini Tsoura

t +30 26824 40061


Samos International Airport "Aristarchos o Samios"

Samos International Airport "Aristarchos o Samios"  83100

Station Manager: Mrs. Maria Gioureli

t +30 22734 40068


Mytilene International Airport "O. Elytis"

Mytilene International Airport "O. Elytis" 81100

Station Manager: Mrs. Sofia Tsantarli

t +30 22514 40080


Araxos National Airport

Araxos National Airport 25200

Station Manager: Mrs. Vicky Kapetanikola

t +30 26930 51992


Kavala National Airport "M.Alexandros"

Kavala National Airport "M.Alexandros" 65210

Station Manager: Mrs. Vetta Maria

t +30 25910 53119


Karpathos International Airport

Karpathos International Airport 85700

Station Manager: Mrs. Maria Kokoliou

t +30 22450 91313


Lemnos International Airport

Lemnos International Airport 81400

N.Aghialos National Airport

N.Aghialos National Airport 37400

Station Manager: Mrs. Georgia Prassa

t + 30 24280 79855



Ioannina National Airport "King Pyrrhus"

Ioannina National Airport "King Pyrrhus" 85900

Station Manager: Mrs. Vanessa Kaminari

t + 30 2651 34011


Alexandroupolis International Airport "Democritus"

Alexandroupolis International Airport "Democritus" 68100

Station Manager: 

t +30 25510 45533



Skyros International Airport

Skyros International Airport 34007

Station Manager: Mrs. Sofia Vamvakeri

t + 30 2220 91876


Paros National Airport

Paros National Airport 84400

Station Manager: Mr. Apostolos Pechlivanidis

t +30 22840 92277


Bourgas International Airport

Goldair Handling Bulgaria Ltd. Bourgas International Airport Bourgas, 8016, Bulgaria

t +359 884019636

f +359 2 942 4145



Sofia International Airport

Goldair Handling Bulgaria Ltd. Sofia International Airport Sofia, 1540, Bulgaria

t +359 884025631

f +359 2 9424145


Varna Airport

Goldair Handling Bulgaria Ltd.
Varna Airport
Varna, Bulgaria

Flight Information: +359 52 573 323
Lost and Found: +359 52 573 765
Doctor MD: +359 52 573 472 ,+359 52 573 467
Security: +359 52 573 389


Larnaca International Airport

Larnaca International Airport P.O.Box 43004, 6650 Larnaca

t +357 24 008600

f +357 24 008603 


Paphos International Airport

Paphos International Airport

t +357 26 007194

f +357 26 007200