Goldair Handling is a member of Goldair group of Companies which was founded in 1955 with main activity the commercial representation (GSA) of foreign airlines in Greece. Today, Goldair group is active in the fields of Airlines' representation & airport services, Tourism, Congress, Freight Forwarding and Logistics, Aviation Security and Environmental Projects.

Goldair Handling is one of the leading suppliers of ground handling services in South East Europe. In Greece, Goldair Handling is offering full range of passenger, ramp, aircraft, cargo & mail services. 

Goldair Handling is the first private ground handling company which operates in the liberalized Greek market since 1999. Since then, Goldair Handling was granted ground handling licenses to the airports mentioned below, resulting to a network of 26 airports in Greece, while has been appointed various awards from its valuable partners- airlines, authorities and airports.

1955 Goldair SA
1992 Goldair Handling
1999 Athens (ATH)
2001 Heraklion (HER)
2002 Thessaloniki (SKG)
2005 Rhodes (RHO) & Corfu (CFU)
2008 LGS (Louis Goldair Services) at Larnaca (LCA) & Paphos (PFO)
2008 PRM Services at Athens (ATH)
2010 Chania (CHQ)/Kos (KGS)/Zakynthos (ZTH)/Mykonos(JMK)/Santorini (JTR)/Kefallinia (EFL)
2011 Samos (SMI)/Chios (JKH)/Mytilene (MJT)/Preveza-Aktion (PVK)/Kavala (KVA)/Kalamata (KLX)/Skiathos (JSI)
2012 Araxos (GPA)/Karpathos (AOK)/Alexandroupolis (AXD)/Ioannina (IOA)/Lemnos (LXS)/N.Aghialos-Volos (VOL)/Paros (PAS)/Skyros (SKU)
2010 Goldair Handling Bulgaria at Sofia (SOF)
2011 Goldair Handling Bulgaria at Bourgas (BOJ)
2013 Ground.net
2014 Goldair Handling Bulgaria at Varna (VAR)
2015 ICAS (Ethiopia, Addis Ababa)
2016 ICAS (Ethiopia, Dire Dawa)