Group of companies

Dem. Golemis Co. was founded in 1925 as a commercial business operating in Central and Eastern Europe. Anticipating the increasingly vital part that air transport would play globally, the company's founder, Demetrios Golemis, signed the first agreement with LOT Polish Airlines in 1955 for the exclusive representation of foreign airlines in Greece. Since then, the development and expansion of its activities were continuous. In 1971, the company was renamed as Goldair.

Today, an ever expanding range of services in the fields of tourism, airlines` representation, ground handling, cargo & logistics and renewable energy sources is offered, establishing Goldair among the largest European groups of companies in the aforementioned sectors.

Way of working that creates business relationships based on mutual respect and benefit
  •  Way of working that creates business relationships based on mutual respect and benefit
  •  Commitment to development by continuously assessing Goldair’s potential and capabilities in an ever changing business environment
Goldair team combines knowhow, professionalism, continuous training, flexibility, efficiency and always friendly approach with a view to identify the specific needs of its clientele to the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction.


Goldair activities, through a process of steady and constant development, led to the creation of one of the largest and most reliable organizations in the fields of tourism, cargo as well as airport ground handling. 

In detail, the companies of the Group:
  • Goldair ( Airlines Representation)
  • G.A.S ( Global Aviation Services-Airlines Representation)
  • Goldair Handling (Ground Handling Services, present in 26 airports within Greece)
  • L.G.S. Handling Cyprus ( Ground Handling Services, present in Larnaca & Paphos airports in Cyprus)
  • Goldair Handling Bulgaria ( Ground Handling Services, present in Sofia and Burgas airports in Bulgaria)
  • Brink’s Aviation Security Services ( in 7 airports in Greece)
  • Goldair Gargo ( Freight Forwarding & Logistics Services )
  • Hellas Logistics ( Freight Forwarding Services)
  • MedLog ( Logistics Services)
  • Goldair Tourism ( Corporate Travel Services, Congresses, Marine)
  • Goldeco ( Renewable Energy Sources)

Total Group Employees: 2.820