Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility constitutes an integral part of our strategic development at Goldair Handling.

By recognizing our share of responsibility, we incorporate best practices in our operation and we actively participate in voluntary activities focused on social responsibility and environmental awareness regarding the broader society in which we operate.

Dimitris Papamichail, CEO of Goldair Handling, expressed his view on the matter:
"In Goldair Handling, we recognize that Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development is a constant effort that leads to important opportunities in strategic development and corporate efficiency."

The basic principles of Goldair Handling are also inextricably connected to its human resources. The continuous employee development, the team spirit, the dedication to the satisfaction of our customers, with regard to the participation of our staff in volunteering actions - all constitute the dynamic component of our corporate culture.

Based on the above, Goldair Handling presents the first Annual Corporate Responsibility Report of 2017.

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